Increasing Popularity of Podcasts


Podcast is a Web-based audio broadcast system via an RSS feed, accessed by subscription over the Internet

Easier To Understand:
Podcast an audio file which you can download and listen too

A few years ago, the word podcast was a term that many were not familiar with. But even today, it is still needs something that is only beginning to pick up in popularity. While the average tech-geek may throw the term around here and there and seem familiar with it, they can actually be using it incorrectly. For instance, they can download an audio file to show off the Internet to listen on their computer but that is not the truly podcasting. Podcasting involves with subscribing to an RSS feed that downloads the show to their gadgets like iPod or MP3 player for listening.

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Air Jordan Sneakers Better Than Best

Air Jordan

Overall a try of Air Jordan sneakers is definitely worth of money. This is not a case of a supreme sports player simply puts their name on some brand in an effort to create some money. Instead this the product that Michael Jordan can take great pride in. He has given his name to a product that has been greatly received by the general public. The success of those Air Jordan sneakers may still grow for many more years.

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How to Choose the right necktie at the right price?

Neck Tie

Know how to get the right necktie for your loved ones at the best price.

Men’s ties come with any imaginable design, color, fabric, and even cut. Because there are several types’ of choices we noticed that even those who have been wearing ties for many years often find it difficult to take a decision when browsing a neck tie. This is often a result of simply not knowing what to look for in a neck tie other than your personal likes and dislikes. While personal preference is, of course, important, there is quite a little bit more that goes into choosing the right tie.
If you want to gift necktie to your loved person and you are confused about how to shop for the right tie at the right price then here are some awesome tips that may make your work easier.

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FASHION Sunday Paris Dispatch: Balenciaga and Céline


Whether you actually care about the clothes or not, there is a gravity about Sunday’s line-up in Paris. For the last two seasons, it has included Balenciaga under the stewardship of Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia and Phoebe Philo’s Céline.The two houses have become fashion week Prozac, taking imminent gloom (Why are we here? What are we doing?) and dispelling it with concepts that are at once delightful and destructive

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COLLABORATIONSFASHION Making the Case for Wearing Two Bags at Once


I tend to say that multitasking is overrated, mostly because it’s a tidy excuse to get out of things that I do not want to do. Like no, I cannot text you back, I am already talking to myself. No, I cannot change the channel, I am indisposed while contemplating my next snack. Once I read an article that our editor-at-large Verena von Pfetten wrote for The New York Times about the dangerous mental perils of doing two things at once, I realized that I had found the ultimate “out” to just about everything because in general, I am already busy breathing.

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Actually, No, Kim Kardashian Did Not “Deserve to Get Robbed”


When my brother texted me last night that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room, I was drifting off to sleep. A couple hours earlier, I’d left The Meadows music festival in Queens just before Kanye West was set to perform. I’d split off from my friends to head home, feeling equal parts elderly and #freetobeme, knowing I’d probably miss some drama. An hour later Kanye would mysteriously and suddenly bail on his set, citing a family emergency through his auto-tuned microphone.

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